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Support IDF soldiers fighting Hamas!

Israelis and Jews worldwide are uniting to support IDF

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Support The IDF

Fundraising effort to provide equipment for soldiers in the frontline

The State of Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas on October 7th. Since then the country has been at war.

The whole country is actively and unitedly working to help those in need. More than ever, we need the help of Jews around the world to provide our 300,000 reserve soldiers with the equipment they need to fight Hamas.

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amit or

My name is Amit Or , a former support fighter in Sayeret Matkal (IDF’s elite commando). I have raised over $110,000 and have personally directed the funds for the purchase and distribution of the necessary equipment.

Unfortunately, what I’ve raised is not enough. I am currently raising an additional $110,000 to continue providing our reserve soldiers with everything they desperately need. I am asking you to donate so that we can ensure our fathers & mothers, husbands & wives, brothers & sisters, and all our sons & daughters , who have left their families and jobs to defend the State of Israel and the Jewish people, are as prepared as possible in the war up ahead.

How to Donate?

Together, we can
All funds are processed through the Israeli NGO Beit Midrash Yisraeli - a network of Batei Midrash grounded in learning, community building and activism, with no administrative or other overhead costs!

All transactions are processed through ‘SUMIT’- a secured system. For more information about Sumit’s security system Click Here

For Donations:

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To donate via bank transfer:

Beit Midrash Israeli- Ein Prat
SWIFT CODE IL280204580000000-399119

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THANK YOU for your help and support!
Amit Or.

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THANK YOU for your help and support!
Amit Or.


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